Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Deployment Countdown

My husband is a US Army Chaplain and while we haven't done many deployments like several of our friends, we have done 2 and there are more in our future.  Our first deployment was before we had kids so I didn't really do any sort of visual countdown.  I of course had my own little mental countdown.

This most recent deployment however was different.  It was our first deployment with kiddos.  Our kids are younger & they of course wanted to know when Daddy was coming home.  The problem with that however was that I only had a window of when he was coming home, not an exact date.  If we had done the paper chain thing, our oldest is smart enough, and old enough to know if I had to add or take away extra paper chains.  So... I had to come up with something where it wouldn't be obvious if I had to add or take away from our countdown.  After looking around on Pinterest & a few other Army wife blogs I decided to make a "Kisses From Daddy Countdown."

I bought a square jar & took some vinyl & cut out "Kisses from Daddy" using my Type Candy Font Cricut cartridge.  At the bottom of the jar, on the inside, I used sparkly vinyl to spell the word "HOME" so that when all the candy kisses were gone we would know that Daddy was HOME!

Once my jar was complete, I filled it with candy kisses, 3 times (because we have 3 kiddos) the approximate number  of days until my husband would be home.  I told our kiddos that they could each eat 1 candy kiss & that when the jar was empty Daddy would be home.  At one point I had to add a whole extra week's worth (times 3!) of kisses because he got extended.  In the end however, this was a very fun & sweet way to countdown to Daddy's return!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Go Seahawks!

If you're from the Seattle area then you'll understand how exciting it is to have our pro football team in the PLAYOFFS!!! When you're a Seattle sports fan you can't be faint of heart & you're often used to major disappointment and crushing losses. Even with all that, I still LOVE and am proud to be a Seattle sports fan! So, in preparation for the upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons I made these!
12th Man Wine Glass
Go Hawks pint & wine glasses

Go Seattle Seahawks!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Celebrating Every Mile

This past April I became a runner.  Before, running was one of those ever elusive things that everybody else seemed to do but I could not.  I never believed that I could be runner.  As a momma I never thought I could make the time for myself to become anything more than just a momma & Army wife.  It finally took an extremely difficult Fall of 2012 & basically a nervous breakdown for me to realize that I NEED to take care of myself and that I can become more than just a momma & Army wife.  So, after LOTS of encouragement from my wonderful hubs, counseling, chemical help, and a move from Ft. Bragg, NC to Joint Base Lewis McChord in WA (which is home!) I decided that I could become a runner.!

I began running with a group called "Wear Blue Run to Remember."  Wear Blue is a running community that honors the service and the sacrifice of the American military.  Being an Army wife, knowing people that have lost loved ones, it only seemed natural that I run with Wear Blue.

My husband deployed & I kept running with Wear Blue.  Every week I would go to Wear Blue & the people there would greet me, my kiddos, & smile.  And EVERY week the people of Wear Blue encouraged me to just get out there & run.  I gradually began to really believe that I was a runner.  And I gradually began to believe I could do more than just the standard 3 miles that I had gotten pretty good at running.  3 miles became 4 miles and then it became 6 miles and then shoot, if I can do 6 miles I certainly could do 8 right?!?!  Well long story short, between April and November of 2012 I ran and trained and then completed my first half marathon!  I also began to realize that no matter how long (or short!) the distance, you need to celebrate every mile & every step in your journey!

There is an amazing woman in the Wear Blue community who is running her first FULL marathon next weekend.  As an encouragement gift I created, for her, a race medal holder.  I still need to make one for myself, but this is the one that I made for her!

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Friday, January 4, 2013

University of Washington Wine Glasses

Here in Washington State you're one of 2 things:  A University of Washington Husky or a Washington State University Cougar.  Growing up on the west side of the mountains I grew up cheering for the Huskies.  Nobody in my family had gone to the University of Washington until my sister's husband.  That said, we've always cheered for the Huskies and I'm a proud purple & gold Dawgs fan!

My sister & her husband are both HUGE Husky fans & it's so fun to watch football and basketball games with them.  My brother-in-law gets totally into the games.  For Christmas I made them a whole "game day" serving set, complete with pint glasses, a large chip bowl, and 2 dip sort of bowls.  I'll post pictures of those another day.

Anyway, I made these wine glasses for a neighbor friend of my mom & dad's as a Christmas present.  I used the Plantin School Book Cartridge for the W and the polkadots, and the Type Candy Font Cartridge for the "Dawgs."  I LOVE crafting & making things that help people tell stories or just make life more fun!  In my opinion College Gameday is already super fun, but how much more fun is it with these adorable wine glasses?!?!  (Oh and some wine to go in them - YES please!!!)  :)  GO HUSKIES!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's been a long time and blogger has changed A TON so...  I've basically started over & will be re-creating my blog!  I'm super excited to be back in the crafty goodness world and am looking forward to linking up with friends new and old, as well as celebrating the re-opening of my Etsy shop!

Thanks for stopping by!