Sunday, January 6, 2013

Celebrating Every Mile

This past April I became a runner.  Before, running was one of those ever elusive things that everybody else seemed to do but I could not.  I never believed that I could be runner.  As a momma I never thought I could make the time for myself to become anything more than just a momma & Army wife.  It finally took an extremely difficult Fall of 2012 & basically a nervous breakdown for me to realize that I NEED to take care of myself and that I can become more than just a momma & Army wife.  So, after LOTS of encouragement from my wonderful hubs, counseling, chemical help, and a move from Ft. Bragg, NC to Joint Base Lewis McChord in WA (which is home!) I decided that I could become a runner.!

I began running with a group called "Wear Blue Run to Remember."  Wear Blue is a running community that honors the service and the sacrifice of the American military.  Being an Army wife, knowing people that have lost loved ones, it only seemed natural that I run with Wear Blue.

My husband deployed & I kept running with Wear Blue.  Every week I would go to Wear Blue & the people there would greet me, my kiddos, & smile.  And EVERY week the people of Wear Blue encouraged me to just get out there & run.  I gradually began to really believe that I was a runner.  And I gradually began to believe I could do more than just the standard 3 miles that I had gotten pretty good at running.  3 miles became 4 miles and then it became 6 miles and then shoot, if I can do 6 miles I certainly could do 8 right?!?!  Well long story short, between April and November of 2012 I ran and trained and then completed my first half marathon!  I also began to realize that no matter how long (or short!) the distance, you need to celebrate every mile & every step in your journey!

There is an amazing woman in the Wear Blue community who is running her first FULL marathon next weekend.  As an encouragement gift I created, for her, a race medal holder.  I still need to make one for myself, but this is the one that I made for her!

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  1. Congratulations on running your first half-marathon! That's wonderful and a great accomplishment! Welcome to WA, too!


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